How to announce your pregnancy

So you got a positive result in your homemade pregnancy test, now what? On one hand, most couples wouldn’t want to announce it immediately, since nothing is sure yet and a lot can happen on the way, but on the other hand who can really ignore it and act like nothing happen? So check this nice article I found on Wikihow that will guide you through the process of announcing your new pregnancy
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Congratulations! You’re pregnant. Whether you found out yesterday or a few months ago, here are a few tips about sharing your status. You’ll also find some creative, fun ways to announce your pregnancy.


  1. Be reassured that some women wait until a little further along, in case of an early miscarriage. If this is a concern for you consider waiting until after the first three months, when the rate of miscarriages drops.
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How Soon Can I Take a Pregnancy Test?

The faintest suspicion of pregnancy will raise the frantic question of “How soon can I take a pregnancy test?” and introduce the idea of a homemade pregnancy test. Missing a period is usually the trigger, but other factors like vomiting and nausea, food cravings and lower abdominal pains can also contribute to this anxiety.

A pregnancy test looks for markers that are associated with pregnancy, in this case the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). This hormone, while it can accurately indicate pregnancy, cannot be detected before implantation. Testing for pregnancy too early can produce negative readings even if the woman is, in fact, pregnant. This characteristic of hCG has led to many an anxious lady asking, “How soon can I take a pregnancy test?”

Implantation normally takes place 7 to 10 days after ovulation. It is possible to get a positive test result 1 day after implantation with a highly sensitive homemade pregnancy test. Some tests say that it is possible to test for pregnancy on the day the menstrual cycle is due. Some homemade pregnancy test kits claim that they can test for results 4 days before the cycle is due. Others even suggest that it is possible to take a pregnancy test 14 days before possible conception. As a rule, however, most women will wait until a period is missed before trying to take a homemade pregnancy test.

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Issues About False Positive Equate Pregnancy Test Readings

There is a homemade pregnancy test under the brand name Equate that is available only at Walmart stores and some controversy has emerged about false positive Equate pregnancy test results.

When a homemade pregnancy test is done, the results may be either positive or negative, indicating whether the woman is pregnant or not. However, because readings in a homemade pregnancy test depend upon detection of the hormone hCG in a woman’s blood or urine, certain factors may result in readings of either a false negative or false positive. This means that the test results indicate a negative when the woman is in fact pregnant, or a positive when she is not really pregnant.

Complaints have been lodged about false positive Equate pregnancy test readings which tend to cast doubt on the accuracy of homemade pregnancy test results in general. This, however, has become an issue of Walmart practices as the main reason for these complaints.

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A Digital Pregnancy Test Can Make Reading Results Easier

A digital pregnancy test is one type of homemade pregnancy test that’s easy, fast and reduces the likelihood of misinterpreting the test results. At the first suspicion of a pregnancy, a woman will understandably be in a hurry to find out whether or not she is pregnant. While the most reliable way of determining pregnancy is a blood test conducted by a laboratory, a digital pregnancy test can provide some quick answers that can put a woman’s mind at rest.

A homemade pregnancy test essentially involves the detection of the hormone hCG in a woman’s urine. The process of doing a homemade pregnancy test is quite simple and involves using a test strip to test for the presence of the hormone. You hold the test strip or dipstick in the urine stream as you urinate, preferably first thing in the morning. Urine that has accumulated in the bladder during the night will have more hCG making it easier for the test to detect. Other types of homemade pregnancy test require you to urinate into a cup and dip the strip or stick in the cup. If hCG is present, the strip changes color indicating possible pregnancy with either blue or pink lines, or red lines with a + or – sign. Other versions have the strip show one line or two lines to indicate whether or not you are pregnant, with one line meaning a negative and two lines a positive. One of the problems reported by many users with this method is missing to spot the lines or being confused about the color.

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Pregnancy and childbirth

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Suzanne Yates Pregnancy and Childbirth